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Meet The Artist

    Troy has lived and grown up for most of his life in Iowa. Being around farms, timbers, and the natural side of Iowa. Growing up in these areas made him appreciate the natural beauty of animals and their habitats, that most tend to take for granted. As he grew older, he started to realize our impact on animals and the natural world. He decided to change his way of life to make it less harmful to the animals around him and started to not eat or use any animal bi products to sustain his living habits. He tries his best to reduce his carbon footprint to hopefully keep from harming more of the natural environment.


   Over the past ten years he has experimented with various types of medium, styles and techniques to build a foundation of artistic skill to express what he is passionate about. For the past two years, he started focusing on primarily capturing wild and domestic animals of all kinds. He also tends to use the funds, or a portion of the funds, he receives for his work to donate to different organizations who run shelters, sanctuaries, rehabilitation centers, conservations and/or wildlife preserves. He has also donated some of his work to local fundraising events to raise money for these types of organizations. With his artwork he hopes to change some people’s perspective so they may see animals and nature in a different way. Showcasing their innocence with elegance. They are meaningful and have a purpose. Animals of all types deserve to be protected, conserved and admired.

Artist Statement

"I try my best to show case the beauty and nature of wild and domestic animals. I hope to spark something with in people to realize our effect we have on them and their world. That their presence and elegance deserves to be acknowledged and preserved."



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